Editmyenglish.com Review

They offer proofreading services that are priced according to how long each customer gives them before wanting the work back. They offer a service for proofreading and editing that starts at $5.59 per 275 words which is for a 48hr service, and they have their 3hr service that costs $8.49 per 275 words. They do mention that a page is 275 words and that the document must be ten pages or under if you want it doing within three hours. That is for the people who say, “Edit my English” and then expect a full dissertation to be done in three hours.

The quality of their website navigation is poor and unintuitive, but they do offer a professional proofreading service that goes from academic texts to website proofreading. They do not do a bad job, but do appear to be targeting students whose first language is not English. This is not a bad marketing technique, and also indicates that they may be the right choice (quality wise) if your first language is not English, as their proofreaders have had more practice in that field.

Customer support
The navigation on their website is terrible, and it does reflect badly on their online essay proofreading service in the same way that a bright yellow paint job would reflect badly on a hearse vehicle. You will not find the contact pages via the actual link menu; you have to look at the small writing at the bottom of the page. This shows you the website proofreading contact page, which is populated with just an email address. Contact them that way for a response within 48 hours.

They are on time when it comes to their professional proofreading services, but if it is late then you will not be able to call them so you are left high and dry until they decide to contact you back or decide to send you your work. They are good at proofreading and editing, but if they do miss a deadline then it is bothersome and frustrating. They do not miss deadlines as a habit, but do not have a perfect score when it comes to keeping deadlines as promised during the ordering phase.

Short description of the services provided by the service
They offer a proofreading service for students. That is pretty much all that they do. They will edit your work and will not just mark it up, but in essence they are all about proofreading academic works that have shaky English on them. They claim to have helped a lot of students from different universities, of which many are listed on the bottom of their home page.

Additional features
They do not have additional features by the way of extra services or add-ons, but they do offer grammar advice on the website via their “Grammar links” section. They also have an editor blog on the website, and they have a section where you can get to know their staff by reading a small description of each member. They also have an FAQ section and examples of the work they have done.