They go to the trouble of showing you a sample of their prices on their home page for their proofreading and editing service. This is a nice sign to indicate that they are proud of their editing and proofreading prices. This is actually rather good, even though their prices are slightly above the average, it does give you a nice idea of what price to expect. It is better than the websites that hide their prices under layers of sales web pages. Their home page shows how their service prices correspond to the given deadline.

Their proofreading and editing services are of a reasonably high quality. The place they fall flat the most often is around their essay editing service, but otherwise are a very good company that produces consistently high quality. Their rapid return service does not fail very often, but they do have a ten page maximum policy for that service, so it helps them to keep to the deadline.

Customer support
They offer a variety of support links within the website’s contact us page, but not all of them are related to the professional editing service that they offer. You have to dig around to find what you want on when it comes to customer service. Their website layout makes it difficult to see but they offer on online contact form, a phone number and Live chat function that they do not have a widget for (it is just a link).

It is hard to define their delivery as average, as they are doing more than passing your work through a grammar checker, but they do fall flat a little on their quick return service. They offer things such as English editing but cannot define the quality of the work that comes to them. They also do not have a maximum limit for their six hour (quick return) service. This means that they are more likely to miss your deadline if you give them something that is of low quality or has a high page count whilst buying their quick return service.

Short description of the services provided by the service
They are mostly all about editing papers online after a proofread. They are not really an editing service by most standards, as they cannot offer the range of services that other editing services can. But, they do offer a good proofreading service and are happy to do the proofreading edits after the proofread has been done. They do have a lot of sections and subsections for their services, but their service is mostly about proofreading.

Additional features
Their service website is full of little extras that they appear to do, but most of it involves over wording a standard service. They do have a privacy guarantee and a grammar checker, which is rather good. They also offer things such as a grammar check guide. Their loyalty program and volume discounts are also a welcome addition to their service that some of their more loyal customers have taken advantage of.