They have a pretty fair pricing system for their Professional proofreading and editing services. You can choose between a bronze, silver, gold, platinum, sapphire and diamond pricing system, where each becomes incrementally more expensive. The pricing structure makes it sound as if it is based on quality, when it is actually based on deadline. The bronze Proofreading services are for 72 hours and the diamond ones are for 3 hour deadlines.

They try hard to maintain their quality consistency throughout the service. This goes from resume editing all the way up to checking, proofreading or editing dissertations and larger documents. Their larger documents may be of a slightly lower quality, however, that is probably due to the fact that they have made their pricing system very restrictive about deadlines. If they allowed themselves a little longer for larger projects then it may not be such an issue for them. The service does not vary its quality unless regarding longer pieces (as mentioned). This means that you are not going to get a great editor one time and a terrible one the next. This sort of consistency means that they are either an established company or have a good HR dept, both of which are good things.

Customer support
They offer a professional proofreading service so you can expect a professional support system. This consists of a phone number and on online submission form for written questions. You can also use the email address if you want to email them directly with a question about something such as professional proofreading services or with a query about the work that was submitted to you. Their customer support is not as professional as their proofreading and editing services, but it is not bad.

If you are looking for a bit of an essay corrector then you will not be disappointed with the delivery timeframe or quality. If you are looking for an editor or proofreader for a larger piece then you may not be so pleased. Their larger works are pigeon holed into smaller deadlines in which they will either compromise the quality of the work through rushing, or will miss the deadline. If you have a larger project then go for the longest deadlines that they offer.

Short description of the services provided by the service
The Company offers Academic and Professional Proofreading services to students. The website alone does not give this away so much, but they are mainly focused on student works. This means they offer professional document editing and proofreading services and they do it at price ranges that richer students and businesses can afford. They offer pretty good Editing Services that work well with both academic and business institutions.

Additional features
Their most prominent additional feature is their loyalty program, which is handy since many students do require repeat works. They also have website that is not particularly well laid out, but that does offer answers to most questions that new users and repeat users are going to have. Their most annoying additional feature is the popup that demands you answer a feedback question, and forces you to click yes or no. Otherwise, this is a fairly standard service.