They have a pretty fair pricing structure for their academic proofreading services. Check their prices section on the website and you will see that they give you a muddy version of their prices, but do give you the flat rate of 0.849 per word. This does not go up, even if the project needs a lot of work, which may explain why it is slightly elevated per word. On the other hand, this means that they are going to set themselves up for a lot of work if they are asked to proofread or edit a particularly bad piece of work.

The quality of their work will differ depending upon the quality of the work you submit to their professional proofreading service. They offer a flat rate fee, which is great for their staff if the piece needs little doing to it, but bad if it needs a lot. It is in these circumstances where their paper proofreading service may start to slip, as clearly it becomes apparent that the editor or proofreader is not enjoying making so many changes. They do advertise that all of their proofreaders have English as their first language.

Customer support
Their customer support system is not bad. Their staff appear to work quite hard, and they are pretty swift at getting back to you if you put in a request. You can email the service via the email address, or you can call them. They also give their address; however, they do claim to work at the Devonshire business park, even though they are based in Hertfordshire, which is quite a distance away. This may indicate that if you post them a letter then they may not get it.

Their delivery times are not bad. They are average by all standards, which is a good thing for most academic proofreading and editing services. This is because most amateur freelancers or businesses in this area are terrible when it comes to deadlines. Again, their flat rate may have caused a problem because if you do send them a very bad piece of writing, such as something you got from “Google translate”, then they are more likely to miss the deadline.

Short description of the services provided by the service
All in all they offer high-quality English Proofreading and Editing Services. Their customer base is made up mostly of students, which means that their staff are very good at academic works because they get the most practice in that area. provides professional proofreading services to businesses too, but often the only businesses they serve will be ones wanting online content checking.

Additional features
It may not strictly be an additional feature, but they are rather good at dissertation proofreading. They have professional academic proofreaders who are used to writing dissertations from their time in education, so are okay at proofreading them. They are also good at journal paper proofreading too. They offer their website in more than one language, meaning that they also offer services for non-English speakers. They also have a section on their website that explains how their service works, which may be helpful for people who have never used such a service before.