As you will see from their pricing page, their service is priced based on the deadline of the work you require done. Pricing is heavily built into the deadline to the point where they give you a price per word, your deadline, and your maximum word count. This applies to all of their services, from Book and Manuscript Proofreading to thesis and essay editing. They do offer affordable online proofreading services, even if the pricing structure is somewhat of a flat rate per deadline.

The quality of their Essay Proofreading and general editing is pretty good. Few people have complaints about their proofreading or editing skills. Most people agree that they offer very good academic proofreading services, and the only real place where they fall down is on deadlines. Other than that you are going to get a reasonably good service for a fair price. They have staff who are very experienced so are able to work to a higher quality level.

Customer support
It is common knowledge that they do student proofreading and things such as Resume Proofreading. What few people know about is their customer support. It is not as bad as most other companies that offer these services, and they even have a customer service section which tells you all sorts of things such as their phone numbers, email addresses, times that customer service is active, etc. It also offers an online contact form too.

They do not do a lot of business proofreading, but it is the business proofreading where they do the best when it comes to deadlines. The shorter academic deadlines are not as consistent, and there are occasions where they have fallen a little flat. but, otherwise their delivery is good and far better than that of an amateur company or the average freelancer. They may start delivering a little better as time goes by, as they may simply be finding their legs.

Short description of the services provided by the service
They offer online proofreading and editing services and they do it to predetermined deadlines that may be very short, with their shortest advertised deadline being six hours. They have business services, academic services, and private author services. Their private author services are for people who are looking to self publish a book. They also do resume proofreading, but this is usually only taken up by the students who have graduated and are looking to get their first job.

Additional features
They offer essay proofreading that seems to have charmed quite a few people. They have a satisfaction guarantee and use McAfee to keep things secure. You offer you a starter video to see how they work, and they brag about their corporate clients too. Their best additional feature is probably more to do with how good their customer service is, and how professionally the customer service team are led and trained. They have a FAQ section to help you understand the process, and will accept proofreading documents 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.