They offer a good Academic Proofreading service at a price that most students can afford. They also do Personal Proofreading at a good price too. If you want a price for your project then you need to go to the quoting tool. It then gives you a quote for your project via a list of deadlines and associated prices. Their tool is not the best idea, since it shows a lack of transparency, but does give you an idea of their prices if you try it.

It is fair to say that they fall rather flat when it comes to Business Proofreading. They are a professional proofreading and editing team and company, but their experts have apparently spent more time doing academic works over business works. Still, most of their customers are students, so if you are a student then you will find their quality of work suitable if not highly acceptable. They are more consistent with their quality than they are with their deadlines. This may be due to the fact that they do use a template and checking system. This means that they pick up common errors that people may make. It makes it harder for their staff to make glaring mistakes by way of omissions. They are also not very big in editing if it extends beyond the proofread, and editing services are where most companies show a lack of quality.

Customer support
This is a proofreading and editing company that has hired a fairly decent support staff. Their only down side is that they slow down during peak seasons, but it is hardly a flaw that makes them a bad service, and is probably an indication that they have a bigger editing and proofreading than they do a customer support team. You can contact them via the online contact form, their email address, their postal address and via their phone numbers if you wish.

Their website is a little confusing as they have a picture of a man close to his forties in a student gown, standing next to a middle aged woman holding documents. Their website images may indicate their attentiveness to deadlines, which is also confusing. They appear to have months where they are perfect with deadlines, and other months where deadlines appear to be flexible. On the whole, this makes their service inconsistent.

Short description of the services provided by the service
The Company is more about online proofreading services than it is about anything else. They ask that you upload your document, choose how fast you want it delivered and they edit it and send it back. They are technically here for proofreading and editing services, but if you are looking for extensive editing then you may find that their services are limited. It is more about proofreading than it is offering anything beyond proofread edits.

Additional features
There website is pretty lacking when it comes to additional features. The service and the associated website is set up with proofreading in mind. They offer very little else besides that, which is a surprise since their business name is “modern technologies.”