They do not make it easy to find prices for any of their editing and proofreading services. They have not heard of the three click rule in web design because it will take you a lot of clicks to find their instant quote tool. You have to select the type of service you want, such as copy editing and proofreading, and then enter the word count of your document. You should indicate your deadline and it will tell you how many words up to or from that you must have. You then click the quote button to get your quote.

Do not bother reading the testimonials because they have transparently been written by the web designer or marketing team. Their company offers a high quality editing and proofreading service. This means that you get Professional Editing and Proofreading in return for payment. Their quality does not deviate too much from one staff member to the other, which is sometimes the case with lesser companies. All in all the service quality is above average by many standards.

Customer support
Many people say, “the company offered very good proofreading for my reports” because they do offer a very good service, but the work of their customer support should not be forgotten either. The staff work to create a good proofreading service whilst also offering the best customer support that they can. Their response time to non-sales leads questions are a little sluggish if you do it via the online contact form, but otherwise their customer service is okay.

They offer an essay editing service that is efficient and that can work under extreme pressure. They may not be the fastest, but they are more reliable than most. They have an online editing service which has picked up speed over the last few months. And, they offer a delivery via email, so sometimes people feel as if it has taken longer to come through than it has because they have not checked their emails frequently enough. They often hit their chosen deadlines.

Short description of the services provided by the service
They offer a lot of services, from book editing service, to a service that proofreads dissertations. They offer a lot of services, but their website is overly complex and forces you to pigeon hole yourself whilst picking your service. They are very concerned with who you are before they get to what you want. So, it is best to look at their service as a proofreading and editing service that covers most academic papers. This is what most services offer, but they have simply hidden the trees for the woods in this case.

Additional features
They offer proofreading for students as well as for businesses, and get most of their custom from students. That is why most of their additional features are things that a student would benefit from, such as online tutorials, training courses, links to other sites, etc. They also allow you to request a call from them, which is a feature that too few other services of this ilk offer.