They offer a lot of services, from editing and proofreading academic works, to working on website proofreading. Their pricing structure is not so great due to the fact that it is laid out very poorly on their website. A structured system that leads the reader from one pricing element to another would have been better than the tabulated version they have installed on the website. Their prices are also based on price per work and per page, which can get confusing if you are trying to order essay editing and English editing services and you end up looking at different methods of pricing.

Their online proofreading service is not a bad one. It may not look like a high quality service because the website was designed by an over enthusiastic amateur, but it does offer a good service at reasonable proofreading rates. Their “accept changes” function does allow you to see what is being changed to see if it is part of their good service or to see if they are simply adding bits changes in order to make it look as if they have done some work. All in all, they do a pretty good job.

Customer support
You will find that their customer support is more than adequate and is able to handle most of your immediate concerns. People who use the academic editing and online proofreading services are often a little worried about how good the service is going to be, but the support staff are there to answer questions and make the process move more smoothly. They have a phone number, fax number, address, email address and you can fill out an online contact form too.

Their delivery is on time most of the time. They do not miss as many deadlines as other services do, and they are not in the habit of rushing work in order to get it done. They do display a reasonable amount of diligence and do not back themselves into a corner by trying to do very short deadline works in order to beat the competition. This means that they are able to offer a good service that is likely to hit the deadline.

Short description of the services provided by the service
They offer proofreading and editing services that mostly attracts students to the company. Students are likely to want their services to help them with bigger pieces of work and to complete works that are important to their education. People often go looking for Editing and Proofing Online without knowing what they are looking for. With this company you may decide what you are looking for, and see a few of their samples too so that you know what you are going to get.

Additional features
There are a few services or features that are less well seen online, and their offering to do Proofreading Resumes for Online Submission is one of them. They are also willing to provide an Editing Online Legal Documents service, but you should be careful as they are not liable if they make a mess of it. Only seeking professional legal help gives you real protection in this area. But, you are a student and are doing the legal work for your education then it may help you to do all of the “I”s and cross all of the “t”s.