Wordy.com Review

They have a pricing structure that is quite transparent, which sadly works to their detriment when it comes to people understanding it. They show you the price for larger pieces as standard, going from 2250 words for things such as their essay proofreading up to 44,400 words for their larger proofreading service. This automatically puts larger prices up on the screen which some people are going to misinterpret as them having higher prices than they do. The prices they charge are actually pretty standard when compared with similar services.

They offer a very high quality copy-editing and proofreading for business reports, which is considered their best service. Their current worst service revolves around Book and manuscript proofreading and copy-editing, but that probably has more to do with the staff members in that area as oppose to it being a reflection on the entire company. This is because they do produce constantly good results on more accessions than they do not. So, it may simply be a case of a few bad apples making the whole barrel appear to be rotten.

Customer support
Their customer support is okay, and there are far worse customer support staff out there. If you have a question or comment about your copy editing and proofreading then the support staff can liaise between their professional editors and you in order to reach a successful conclusion. You can contact them via their online contact form, or through their address. You can use the support website and support email. You can contact the sales of information people or you can call them on the phone.

Their delivery time and quality are all pretty consistent. This is good as it shows that the company has no major problems or flaws. It may also be an indication that their company is getting better and that the company is evolving into a more established firm. Their amount of deadlines missed is below what most companies in this area are, and their quality does not deviate too much if you order short deadline stuff.

Short description of the services provided by the service
This Company offers you professional proofreading and copy editing services. That is mostly all that their staff do, as they do not offer other more robust services. This is a good thing as it means that their staff are better practiced, and it is probably why they miss so few deadlines. They have proofreading and editing services that may be employed for business use and for academic use. They have a tour of their service that you can take if you look at the website.

Additional features
They do offer Medical proofreading which is something that too few services offer, but as with all complex and esoteric subjects, there is no guarantee that the editor has any idea about the intricacies of your subject. Other than that they have online resources such as a UK editor’s guide, best practices, and FAQ and a German section. There is also an IM system set in place for questions. It is hidden on the bottom right of the web page.